"For Sale: Four-bedroom, three story home in desirable neighborhood. Free Ferrari with purchase."

Remember a few months back when a female homeowner in Denver was offering her hand in marriage to whoever purchased her $600,000 home? While we're not sure Deborah Hale ended up with any takers, a bloke in England has come up with a riff on her proposition-- perhaps one a bit more appealing to automotive enthusiasts. The pair even look to have similar potential for frighteningly high-maintenance tabs-- in this case, Mike Odysseas has put his Neville's Cross, Dunwood, home on the market, and he's throwing in his 1998 Ferrari F355 F1 as a lawn ornament.

According to the owner, the four-bedroom home (constructed in 2005)  is appraised in excess of £367,000 (that's more than $654,000 to you, Yankee), and for that princely sum, Odysseas will cough up the blood red Italian as well.

Predictably, the real-estate stunt has garnered the owner a good amount of attention, including British television, newspaper, radio and now... Autoblog.

Full details on crib and car follow after the jump.

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