We've all seen the Xbox 360 integrated into the Nissan URGE concept (pictured), but it turns out it's a whole lot more integrated than we thought!

According to Microsoft, the URGE features the first-ever fully integrated gaming system in a vehicle. While parked, the driver can play Project Gotham Racing 3 using the URGE's steering wheel, gas pedal and brake pedal, while viewing the game on the 7-inch flip-down LCD screen.

Here's a somewhat scary quote from the official press release:
"A Nissan URGE driver can, for example, maneuver through the streets of New York, park the car and fire up the Xbox 360, then virtually race through the same streets using the same steering wheel, gas pedal and brake pedal -- blurring fantasy and reality in a way that the automotive world has never before seen."

Let's hope they don't try to drive the streets the way they drive in the game...

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