Despite being a tiny producer of high end exotic sports car, Ascari has been seen on Autoblog numerous times for its exclusive RaceResortAscari and the high-speed exploits of its current high-end model, the KZ1. The British automaker also goes racing; currently its enrolled in the Spanish GT Championship with a modified KZ1. That Spanish GT Race Car has just been approved for production by Ascari and will be called the A10 when it's made available to the public next summer. Only 50 units will be built at the company's factory in Banbury, England for a price tag of around $615,000US.

The car will weigh in at 2,822 lbs. and be powered by a 5.0L V8 producing 600-bhp. Shifting will be done through a six-speed manual or optional sequential gearbox. The A10's body will be comprised of six pieces of carbon fiber and a fixed rear wing. Currently the car is undergoing testing in Banbury and at RaceResortAscari in Spain.

The A10 will weigh 100 lbs. less than the KZ1 and have a hundred extra horses beating their hooves behind the driver, so we can safely assume that Ascari will again find a place in Top Gear's Top Five Power Lap List, and this time hold it for longer than a month.

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