Ever wonder what the Solstice engineers would have come up with if Bob let them raid better parts bins? Wonder no more, because according to these pics sent back from Eric at SEMA, what you're looking at is the Mallett Solstice V8 with an LS2 6.0L V-8 engine, a.k.a. the 400-hp base engine in the C6 Corvette. Yowza. And, if that's not enough for you, Eric remarked in his e-mail to us that the Z06's 500 hp LS7 takes up about the same amount of space as the LS2. Just in case you wanted to replace the tires on your Solstice every 500 miles. Says Eric: "The V8 install is extremely slick — I mean, we're talking about something that looks dead [beepin% stock except for the exposed air filter."

2006 Mallett Solstice V8

Sorry about the quality of some pictures after the jump — evidently the poor exhibitors were parked in a dark corner. We nabbed some pics from Mallett's website that appear taken right before they made trip to Vegas.

2006 Mallett Solstice V8sema solsticesema solstice
sema solstice
SEMA solstice

Specifications (from www.mallettcars.com)

400 HP V8 LS2 Engine ? This is the same aluminum block engine that is used in the 2005 Corvette. It is rated 400 hp @ 6000 RPM and 400 lb.-ft. @ 4400 RPM.

Exclusive Mallett embroidered seat headrest (colors hand picked to accent interior) and custom designed body exterior graphics. *Sleeper option available: excludes exterior graphics and embroidery*
Mallett serial number plaque ? Aluminum plaque, individually stamped and riveted inside driver?s door jam showing the Mallett build date and Mallett serial number.

Luk Gold Clutch ? Helps transfer the incredible power of the V8 without slipping, yet allows for smooth clutch engagement.

Non-Adjustable Mallett-Penske Shocks ? Increase vehicle handling while maintaining a comfortable ride.
Short Throw Shifter ? Shortens the throw in comparison to the stock shifter allowing for quicker more precise shifting of the standard 5-speed transmission.

High Performance Brake Pads ? Increase stopping power and reduces brake fade under hard driving.
Stainless Steel Brake Lines ? Increases the firmness of the brake pedal allowing for greater control.

Show car detailing ? Hand wash and wax. Both the interior and exterior provide your Mallett conversion with a brilliant shine and immaculate appearance.

Professionally installed, tested and tuned ? Mallett?s experienced crew hand-build each vehicle to exact tolerences ensuring quality and all-out performance.

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