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More information on Chrysler's Akino concept has been released today, and it includes an interesting note about the vehicle's name. It means "autumn field" and comes from the vehicle's designer, Akino Tsuchiya, a 37-year-old Japanese native who is based out of Chrysler's Pacifica Design Studios in California.

Even more surprising is this small car's interior, which features arm chair-like front seats and a rear bench seat inspired by your living room sofa, complete with throw pillows. The Akino has three entry doors, one on the driver's side and two on the passenger side that open opposite to each other.

We're keeping our eye on the Akino, as ever since the Neon went to that junkyard in the sky, the Chrysler Group has been left with nothing to offer in the small car segment.

Bunches of high-rez pics after the jump…

[Source: Chrysler]

Chrysler AkinoChrysler AkinoChrysler AkinoChrysler Akino

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