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The Jeep Patriot may be the less interesting of the two concepts Jeep unveiled today, but it's probably the one that's most likely to see the inside of a production plant. It's got all the Jeep design cues on a small "cute-ute" SUV package. The Jeep look makes it look a little more macho, though, and we bet the off-road brand is seriously considering producing a vehicle like this to slot below the Liberty that's more comfortable than a four-door Wrangler. Jeep says in its press release that it could produce the Patriot, as well as the Compass, as soon as next year if it wants to. Both vehicles would be powered by an all new 2.4L World Engine and a 2.0L diesel for international markets, as well as be available with CVT transmissions.

Jeep Patriot concept 450 AB Jeep Patriot concept 450 AB

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