You can't help but feel the sketchiness of Project 1221 must hurt its legitimacy. Hopefully, it will not be a disappointing tease. New details seem to indicate that the car's development is moving somewhere. The Project has revealed it will use gas turbines from Williams International to power its supercar. The project has also revealed that the first model, the MF1, will be all-wheel drive. They have hinted that there will be a rear-wheel drive model as well.

The decision to use gas turbines is an interesting one. It is also interesting that Williams International founder Dr Sam Williams was involved in the development of the gas turbine for the Chrysler turbine cars of the late Fifties and early Sixties. Time will tell how this new development translates into a functional car. The use of a gas turbine explains the price tag and power figures that were being thrown around. Check out the links. Read takes you to Project 1221?s website, and there is another link to some background on gas turbines in performance cars.

On the subject of gas turbines, what would happen if small gas turbines were used to power some type of series hybrid automobile? It is an idea. Anyone out there able to comment on the feasibility of such a project or Project 1221?s use of a gas turbine engine?

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