They found them all and they have been sitting in a Brooklyn basement since 1990. Boy, do I remember this contest. VH1 was giving away a Corvette from every year – 1953-1989. My dad and I even spent time to divvy up which Vettes we kept and which we sold since garaging 36 cars, unless we opened a museum, would be impossible. Far-out artist Peter Max purchased all 36 cars from the contest winner for under $500,000 (cheap) and planned to paint them in all different colors (ugh) and sell them as special editions. Max grew bored of the plan and just let the Vettes sit. If you won the big prize, what Corvettes would you keep in your personal collection?

  • We wanted to keep:

  • 53 just because

  • 55

  • 57 even if it wasn?t a fuelie

  • 63 if it was a coupe

  • 67 as last of the breed

  • Any other 60s that may have has interesting engine combinations- doubtful there was a ZL1 in there

  • 68

  • 73 because it was a mixed up kid (enduro front, chrome rear)

  • 81 last year before the evil Cross-Fire

  • At least 2 of the 85-89s hoping that the 86 was a convertible

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