Wait a second, the fastest 911 Turbo Car and Driver has ever tested is— gasp— an automatic? Well, a Tiptronic, if you want to get technical, but a car that shifts for you nonetheless. And indeed, the blistering 3.8 second 0-60 time achieved by the editors is possibly the product of an extra-healthy example, an anomaly, perhaps, but still, it's pretty insane coming from a slushbox. And adding to the strangeness: it's a convertible that dispatched these numbers, cars which are traditionally slower than their hardtopped siblings. But phenomenal numbers aside, the Turbo Cab is as wonderful to pilot as the coupe version, with the extra dose of magic that only rooflessness can provide. The top works seamlessly at up to 31 mph, meaning mid-life crisis sufferers will no longer have to pull over to keep rain off their shiny pates. A few other important numbers are 415, for the horsepower figure, 444, for the horsepower with the X50 package, and $130,000, for the base price. Certainly a die hard row-it-yourselfer will find the Tiptronic sacrilegeous, even if it does sprint more quickly. But I don't think the Turbo Cab owners (an expected 25 percent of TC purchasers) who choose the auto will be too disappointed.

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