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    Report: Germany may charge foreigners an Autobahn toll [w/poll]

    Raising taxes in any democratic country is tricky business, but there are certain groups on which it's easier to raise taxes than others. Smokers, for example, have a hard time making an argument against raising taxes on cigarettes. As far as the working class is concerned, raising taxes on the ...

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    Video: Nissan GT-R boss discusses changes for 2014 at semi-annual meeting

    One of the most integral pieces of the Nissan GT-R legacy is the Japanese automaker's commitment to improving the car every single year, rather than waiting for a mid-cycle refresh. While an accountant at Nissan may favor the latter method, it is quite apparent that the GT-R's development team is ...

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    The List: The List #0035: Drive The German Autobahn

    We told you last time that Jessi and Patrick still had some items to check off The List after picking up a car from BMW via European delivery. They had to make their way from BMW's headquarters in Munich to a certain race track, and when in Germany, there's only one road that's worth taking to ...

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    Video: Watch the most epic Toyota GT 86 review to date

    By now, you've likely absorbed every last ounce of ink, both physical and virtual, spilled on the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT 86 triplets. You've watched the videos, pored over the press releases and configured your own. And while your waking moments may be filled with imaging what it ...

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    Report: Texas toll road to get 85 mph speed limit?

    Oh, Montana, how we miss your speed-limitless ways of the mid-1990s. We were carefree and young then, driving a 10-year-old Chevrolet that in no way, shape, or form was designed to travel at its top speed for hours on end. But that didn't stop us, we the "reasonable and prudent," and neither did ...

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    Video: Three killed in 52-car autobahn crash

    A minor two-car accident on a German autobahn turned into a 52-car pileup with three deaths and two dozen injuries on Friday night. On a stretch of A31 not far from the Dutch border, two sedans got into a "harmless fender bender" in heavy fog. A German newspaper report said traffic isn't normally ...

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    Video: This is what 186 mph in a 2012 BMW M5 looks like

    By all accounts, the 2012 BMW M5 is nothing short of a mechanical miracle. With two fewer cylinders than the previous generation, the big bruiser manages to retain the acceleration and handling prowess that M buyers have come to expect. But where exactly can you use the full breadth of the ...

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    Opel removes governor on Insignia OPC 'Unlimited', runs to 168 mph

    In its current form, the 325-horsepower Opel Insignia OPC (you know, the car that the upcoming 255-hp Buick Regal GS was supposed to but sadly won't replicate) will carry speeds of up to 155 miles per hour before its electronic nannies kick in and prevent your speedometer's needle to climb any ...

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    Video: German Veyron owner's crazy 220-mph Autobahn blast

    Ride along in a Bugatti Veyron as it pushes to 220 mph – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Imagine, for a moment, that you own a Bugatti Veyron. Wouldn't you be curious to find out what it feels like to swing past 200 miles per hour? (Okay, stupid question.) While an abandoned ...

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    BBC: 1M pedestrians party at banquet held on German Autobahn

    German pedestrians flood the Autobahn – click above to watch the video
    The Germans certainly know how to do a block party. According to the BBC, residents between Duisburg and Dortmund have closed 40 miles of the famous Autobahn for one massive street festival. Organizers of the event ...

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    First Drive: 2011 Porsche Panamera conceals a V6 but gives up little else in the transplant

    2011 Porsche Panamera V6 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're the lone vehicle in the far left lane of the Autobahn outside of Köln, Germany. The traffic has lightened, so we mash the accelerator to the floor. While we pull strongly up to about 200 km/h (about 125 mph), the ...

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    Weekend Watching: Modern Marvels: Autobahn on Hulu

    There is a road that has taken on the awe of a holy relic, practically the Dead Sea Scrolls of tarmac, and it goes by one simple name: Die Autobahn. There are few, if any, other roads in the world that are as significant for gearheads as those remaining polished stretches of German highway that ...

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    Porsche test engineer killed in autobahn crash

    A Porsche test engineer was killed on the autobahn early Friday morning during a round-the-clock test while at behind the wheel of a next-generation 911 Cabriolet prototype. The 25-year veteran tester was part of a three-man driving team that operated in shifts around the clock.While the cause of ...

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    VIDEO: Corvette ZR1 doing 195 mph on the Autobahn

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    We recently brought you video of the Corvette ZR1 being manhandled around General Motors' Milford Proving Grounds by our own Sam Abuelsamid. House rules that day made the car a 4-on-the-floor, since invitees weren't allowed to explore any gear beyond ...

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    German state adopts Autobahn speed limit

    Mention "Autobahn" to an automotive enthusiast, and his or her eyes instantly light up. That single word represents miles upon miles of traditionally unrestricted high-speed roadways throughout the German countryside connecting major towns and cities. While sections of the Autobahn have been ...

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    German Chancellor says NO to more autobahn speed limits

    It looks like Germany's autobahn system is safe from a potential increase of speed-limited areas, for now at least. As posted on numerous occasions, environmentalists, the European Union and even citizens of Germany have called for the adaptation of 80 mph (130 km/h) limits in the currently ...

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    Aw Snap! Poll reveals most Germans want speed limit on Autobahn

    Three days ago we scoffed at an EU official's suggestion that a speed limit should be applied to the remaining sections of Germany's famous Autobahn that remain free to speed. While reports indicated that speed-loving Germans were up in arms over the idea, a recent poll shows that two in three ...

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    EU wants to cap speeds on Autobahn

    Say it ain't so. An EU official has gone on record suggesting that Germans should give up their beloved freedom to speed on stretches of the country's famed Autobahn in deference to the EU's more aggressive climate change policy. Reports from Germany are that the nation's people find the suggestion ...

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    Germany's open speed limits upheld

    The days of unrestricted speeds on portions of Germany's autobahn may be numbered, but they will continue for at least the immediate future, thanks to their plucky Chancellor. The lucky souls who have a valid passport, a current license, a capable car and the will to challenge themselves will be ...

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    Environmentalists threaten autobahn speeds, again

    Over the past several years, environmentalists have established the autobahn, Germany's high-speed national motorway, as one of the primary battlegrounds on which to wage a war on greenhouse emissions. While about one-third of the autobahn's roads are limited to 130 KPH (80 MPH), other portions are ...


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