lincoln town car

The stereotype of elderly drivers preferring Lincolns and Buicks has to come from somewhere. took a look at the past two years of car sales to buyers at least 65 years old and found a couple common threads. The first thing these buyers are looking for is familiarity. The nameplates and vehicle types that were popular when these buyers were younger rank high with senior buyers, kind of the same way people's musical preferences get frozen in time.

Value is also a big attractor for the senior dollar, a consideration for buyers nearing the end of their careers or already on fixed incomes. The brand names on the list may not surprise anyone, though the Cadillac and Buick brands high scores show that those divisions' push for a younger average buyer age hasn't put off longstanding customers. In fact, there are some models that owe their continued existence to this older demographic.

So which cars are they? Hit the gallery and find out.