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Prodrive Impreza N2010 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Prodrive has had a number of clients over the years. They've raced Ferraris at Le Mans, racked up innumerable victories for Aston Martin, and even ran Honda's Formula One team until they took the reins themselves. But few associations have put the British racing consultancy on the map as much as its collaboration with Subaru in the World Rally Championship.

Unfortunately for David Richards and company, Subaru withdrew last year from the WRC. But that hasn't kept Prodrive from tweaking out another rally-prepped Impreza, as if to show it still can. Homologated to production-based Group N specifications, the Impreza N2010 packs a twin-scroll-turbocharged two-liter boxer four with competition-spec fuel injectors, catalyst and ECU for an extra 20 horsepower over stock and a wider torque band. It's also riding on an adjustable Ohlins suspension, with differentials front, center and rear, kept in check by AP Racing brakes and reinforced with an FIA-certified roll cage.

The result is what Prodrive claims is a more competitive package compared to a Super 2000-spec rally machine at about half the price – challengers can pick one up from £120,000 (about $195k), or lease one for two years. Details in the press release after the jump, photos in the gallery below.

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Prodrive releases new Impreza Group N

Prodrive has launched the Impreza N2010, its latest FIA specification group N rally car.

The Impreza N2010 uses the new larger 33mm air restrictor, introduced by the FIA to help balance the performance of Group N and the unrestricted Super2000 rally cars. Increasing the restrictor diameter from 32 to 33mm, fitting high flow fuel injectors and recalibrating the ECU increases peak power by 20 bhp, but more significantly, improves torque and responsiveness throughout the rev range.

The improvements in engine performance have been matched by enhancements to the car's dynamics. The N2010 Ohlins dampers have been revised with extra travel front and rear, while all the suspension bushes have been strengthened.

"The engine and suspension changes make the N2010 far more competitive," said Graham Prew, Prodrive sales manager. "On gravel the Impreza is certainly a match for any Super 2000, but it is on tarmac, that the additional engine performance will really come into its own and make the N2010 a competitive alternative to a Super 2000, but at about half the price and with significantly lower running costs."

The Impreza N2010 prices start at £120,000 and for the first time Prodrive has introduced a financing option to enable the car to be leased over two years with an option to buy the car at the end of the agreement. The package includes insurance and system rebuilds.

N2010 specification

Flat 4-cylinder boxer:
Capacity: 1994 cc
Bore: 92.0 mm
Stroke: 75.0 mm

Turbo charger:
IHI twin scroll with new design regulation 33 mm restrictor with new roller bearing.

Spark plugs: BRISK
Lightweight battery: Odyssey

Controllers and displays:
Engine: Prodrive-Pectel programmable with removable data storage card.
Centre diff: Prodrive-Pectel programmable fully CAN compliant with selectable diff maps.
Driver's screen: GEMS CD25 5.5" colour VGA screen with multiple pages including engine, transmission and steering information. Increased integration of control systems and co-driver's screen.

Hi-flow motorsport catalyst with silencer options available in stainless or titanium.

Fuel system
FIA approved FT3-99 95 litre safety tank centrally mounted under floor.

Gearbox: Prodrive-Hewland five-speed manual dog engagement with revised gear linkage and 2-stage shift light.
Front diff: Plated limited slip
Centre diff: Electro mechanical locking
Rear diff: Plated limited slip

STI, 240 mm six paddle competition, single plate homologated STI cover.

Roll cage
Prodrive manufactured rollcage to FIA compliant MSA homologated.

Revised Öhlins dampers with improved travel, strengthened rear cross-member high performance uprated suspension bushes.
Front: Prodrive-Öhlins TPX 44 MacPherson strut, three-way adjustable with front hydraulic bump stop.
Rear: Prodrive-Öhlins TTX 44 coil-over damper, three-way adjustable on multi-link rear suspension.

Power assisted quickrack (13:1) for left and right hand drive.
PAS cooler (optional)
Wheels: Speedline or Work
Tarmac: 18" x 8" or 17" x 8"
Gravel: 15" x 7"
Snow: 16" x 5.5"
Brakes: AP Racing
Tarmac: front: four-piston 355 mm rear: two-piston 285 mm
Gravel: front: four-piston 295 mm rear: two-piston 285 mm
Handbrake: WRC style vertical lever using STI/AP homologated piston.

Front track: 1,550 mm
Rear track: 1,540 mm
Length: 4,415 mm
Weight: 1,350 kg

For more information contact:
Ben Sayer, Prodrive: T: +44 1295 754320

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      funny a fully build Peugeot 207 Super 2000 Rally car costs including sequential gearbox 146k GBP thats not twice the price of this Subaru thats only 26k more for a more hardcore build and setup car.

      Typical Autoblog they post what ever is claimed without checking the truth...
      • 5 Years Ago
      Wrong. Prodrive never ran the factory Honda F1 team; David Richards, who is the chairman of Prodrive, ran the BAR Honda as its principal before Honda took full ownership of the team.

      When Honda F1 withdrew from formula, Ross Brawn led an employee rescue of the firm and the team switched to Mercedes engines and became known as Brawn Grand Prix.

      This summer, Mercedes Benz purchased the team, renamed it Mercedes Grand Prix, and brought Michael Schumacher out of retirement to be its lead driver.
      • 5 Years Ago
      This is not good...

      IT IS GREAT!!!
      • 5 Years Ago
      WAAAA 195k. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE CAR THAT COST THAT MUCH. Ill rather have 6 normal sti's or stis (wuteva).
        • 5 Years Ago
        You do realize that Prodrive is making a full-on race car, not merely tuning a street car, right?
      • 5 Years Ago
      I would.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Peugeot 207 Super 2000 (AWD!!!!)
      cost 146,000 £

      The Peugeot is much better equipped with much more hardcore Rally equipment and more important it is whooping 550lbs LIGHTER.. compared to the Prodrive Subaru

      Peugeot 207 Super 2000
      6 speed sequentiel, twin disc clutch gearbox
      standart 5 speed stick, shift single clutch gearbox

      207 Super 2000
      weight 1100kg
      weight 1350kg

      207 Super 2000
      3 autolocking diff
      2 limited diff 1 mechanicel locking diff

      in the real world a Super2000 Rally car like the 207 would drive circles aroud that Prodrive Subi...


        • 5 Years Ago
        Wow. So much mis-information.

        There is also no reason to think that a nearly 200K$ car has stock, un-modified anything... let alone stock WRX parts, or even stock STI parts.

        A Hewland racing gearbox with a computer controlled center differential is nowhere NEAR a stock Subaru 5MT. And it probably is sequential shift.

        No reason to think that it has anything but the most capable differential mechanisms available inside that transaxle. Probably very strong helical gear, torque biasing differentials... but the article above doesn't say... and I'll bet Prodrive doesn't prefer to tip it's hand.

        discounting Subaru's or especially Prodrive's center differential because it isn't an "auto-locker" or would be naive.

        A single plate or dual plate clutch has only implications for torque clamping force. A dual disc clutch just means that there are two clutch plates and at four friction surfaces, (as well as more weight, and more pedal effort, usually) and usually that is due to the fact that there is reduced clutch diameter clearance, so they have to stack more an one clutch disc to do the same job as a larger diameter single clutch.

        Chances are, a dual plate clutch is two 3-puck clutch discs, were the subaru/Prodrive unit is a 6-puck single disc.

        A stacked clutch pack on a manual transmission is nowhere near the same thing as a dual-clutch gearbox like Porsche PDK, or Audi/VW's DSG gearboxes, that have separate gearsets on two different clutch mechanisms.

        And with Subaru's inherently symmetrical drivetrain layout, rather than a double-back transverse offset gearbox... the output shafts are the same length, left and right, so it doesn't have the torque-steer effect on the front wheels, as well as the driveshaft angles being better, and the suspension throw being longer than short-shaft transverse cars.

        Pound for pound, I wouldn't discount a subaru, and especially not Prodrive, in any way, shape or form, especially compared to a car that was originally designed to be FWD, with most of the driveline confined under the hood, and set sideways.

        And who's to say that the weight difference isn't due to class rules being different between Group N, and S2000.
        • 5 Years Ago
        boxer fanatic has you read the press release from prodrive...

        They use a single clutch 5 speed stick shift which is no were near a 6speed sequential twin clutch gearbox... no matter how long you try to argument..let allone this part makes the price different..

        and 120k > 146k is NOT half the price... did you miss your math class?

        PSA(Peugeot /Citroen) has much more WRC racing success with their FWD turend into AWD Rally cars than Subaru and Prodrive turning the Imprezza into a WRC Rally winner

        10driver champion + 10manufactor WRC champion > 3driver + 3manufactor champion...

        PSA knows little bit more about grip and go than Subaru...
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