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Well, there goes the under. Welcome to Episode 5 of the Knight Rider liveblog, a weekly event now set to go on indefinitely thanks to NBC approving a full season a couple of days ago. Oh, if only you could see me. The tears...they're not of joy.

This week: "Knight of the Hunter: Mike goes undercover as an AWOL Marine in order to track down a rogue military officer."

Goody. The fun continues after the jump.

Knight Rider Liveblog
Season 1, Episode 5
"A Hard Day's Knight"
October 22, 2008
8:00 PM

All times are Eastern.

Football on the windshield HUD. This is easily KITT's most useful feature so far.

8:02: Mike and Sarah bantyer about going out and getting drunk, a condition I envy at the moment. Billy has a black eye because he got in an argument with another nerd over Warcraft. Billy sucks.

8:03: "Cooperton" is this week's enemy, and he's predictably loony and has access to super-state-of the art weapons. Because in the World of Knight Rider, cutting edge weaponry is more readily available than Twinkies. Transform to F-150 mode. And here comes the theme music.

Commercial Break Thought: If we don't see a Hoff appearance during sweeps, someone at NBC needs to get fired.

8:08: Billy feels sorry for himself. Me too. Hey, an H1. Mike confronts Cooperman's #2 outside a convenience store. Blah blah. "Kitt, let's get some HUMMER." Crappy rock music ensues as KITT150 gives chase.

8:11: Way to go dumbass. Now you're surrounded. And now you're knocked out. Mike's getting beat up by a girl now.

8:12: Mike gets a drink from the firehose. Twice.

8:13: Now we get to the part where Mike curries favor with Cooperman. KITT's got Mike's six. Mike punches Cooperman's girlfriend in the face, because she talked more trash to him, and he wasn't tied to a chair with a firehose blasting him in his grille. We go to commercial.

Commercial Break Thought: NBC wants a full season of this?

8:20: Billy training sequence in the KITTcave. Zoe with exposed midriff. She calls Billy a bitch. She knows what time it is.

8:21: Mike sneaks around enemy HQ. KITT, omnicient being, is handy to have around.

8:22: Sarah's making her list of birthday wishes. Sadly, "NBC reconsidering" is not one of them.

8:23: How long is Mike gonna sit in this Cooperman guy's office, check out his wine collection, and use his laptop without getting caught?

8:25: Someone's approaching! It's blondie. Mike punches her again.

8:26: She grows a British accent and calls Mike "G.I. Jackass". heh. She's with MI6. Cooperman has a camera crew apparently standing right next to them, based on what his laptop shows.

8:27: KITT comes in to evac the heroes. Now H1s give chase, and because this is Knight Rider, they'll probably be on his ass.

8:28: KITT is not impervious to mines.

8: 30: Cooperman arrives at the wrecked KITT150, he gives the order to shoot Mike and MI6Chick on sight. Excellent idea, Cooperman.

Commercial Break

8:33: KITT needs to reboot. Powered by Microsoft.

8:34: Damn. They almost fell off a cliff. Almost is not good enough. KITT has rebooted successfully. He's now downloading the latest Windows Media Player patch.

8:35: They need to jump, a decision made easier by that automatic gunfire coming at them. They live. They're cold. Mike tells her to take off her clothes. She obliges, NBC weekly skin quota achieved.

8:37: Cue the soft piano music. Mike and MI6Chick are sharing body heat. They make out. KITT gets a visual. Sarah not happy. The Hoff would be proud of baby boy.

Commercial Break Sports Update: Top 1, 1 out, no score in Tampa. Jayson Werth on first. Utley batting.

8:44: KITT is fixed, and in Stang mode. Cooperton "is making his move." Let's see if KITT can catch up to a military convoy. In fairness, they aren't in Edges, so there's a shot.

8:46: KITT discovers the massive acceleration that has been missing for four episodes.

8:47: Cooperman wants to blow up a dam. Everyone in the KITTCave is worried. I'm bored. You?

Commercial Break

8:51: The explosive's laden truck is remote-contolled. Mike has to climb out the window to jump in. Apparently, KITT can't turn into a Mustang Convertible.

8:52: Success rests on Billy's shoulders. Worried glances in the KITTCave. Mike guesses correctly, defuses bomb. KITT overrides the remote. 7 minutes to go, so that means the bad guys have to show up one more time.

8:54: It's all a giant misdirection. Cooperman really wants to make like Goldfinger.

8:55: JDM ATTACK MODE. Yay, missile! The cops and FBI arrive. KITT lambo door in full effect.

8:57: Mike and Secret Agent Girl kiss goodbye. Billy and Zoe spar some more. Sarah's sad on her birthday. KITT shows her the director's cut of the Mike makeout session from earlier. Mike did not close the deal. Not Hofflike.

8:59: Chick flick ending, complete with Christmas lights on KITT's rotisserie as Mike says. "Happy Birthday."

9:00: One more in the books. No episode next week --- YES!

In two weeks, we have a betrayal in the KITTCave. The intrigue! See you then.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      This chase is slower than the OJ Simpson chase.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Philly got two across.
      • 6 Years Ago
      What's next week instead of this? The Obama ad, right?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Download the series at www.tankafett.com

      Episode 1-5 is availble but with swedish subtitle

      Just type Knight Rider in the search area !

      Wicked show i love it :D
      • 6 Years Ago
      I'm going to go against the grain here and say that I am actually enjoying the show :) Yeah, it's kind of cheesy in some aspects, but I'm looking at the 'potential'. The car is awesome, has tons of abilities, but I just think the show hasn't quite found it's 'groove' yet.

      The original KR was successful I think largely because everything was kind of low-key with bits of "blast off". Hoff had a kind of swagger and charm that just kind of made him seem cool - (the black leather coat and shades may have had a lot to do with that). In this new rendition, the new Michael isn't quite serious enough to me. Because nothig seems to really bother him, he cracks jokes through every ordeal, so I feel if he doesn't care why should I? lol

      Even when he and that other woman were suffocating and Kitt was on fire, Michael was still cracking jokes and checking out her bod. But after Michael passed out and Kitt was carrying the show - that scene actually became very dark, tense and suspenseful as Kitt raced towards the closed chamber doors in flames and threatened to crash through unless they were open... THAT WAS COOL!
      So far, I think that was actually the coolest scene in the whole series.

      Unfortunately, as soon as Michael woke up and all the babes started prancing around again, the show went right back to being goofy and then here come the jokes. :- These people just practically died, but wake up smiling and happy, and of course... here's the naked chik getting out of the car (sigh). Sure, I love chiks, but I don't need to see that in my weekly dose of Sci-Fi. Look at Smallville, a major TV hit... why? Because all of the women aren't naked every episode and no one is walking around cracking jokes 24/7.

      Who told these people that 'comedic relief & naked women' was a formula for success? I think more tension, drama, suspense and realism would greatly add to the program and extend it's life on TV. I've been waiting for a new Knight Rider series for years - don't screw it up! >:(

      In addition - I'm a techie (aren't we all)... and I used to like seeing the old KR's high-tech dashboard with all the mysterious lights and buttons. COME ON PEOPLE!! That car is HIGH-TECH New Millenium!! It should make the bridge of the Starship Enterprise look like Charlie Browns Christmas Tree! I know all of his controls are now a-la-Minority Report, but I'd still like to see gratuitous shots of a tech'd-out dash, not just some neon blue behind the odometer. That was cool how people thought the old Kitt was a regular car when they got in, until the whole dashboard lit up and started talking! And the red swing-lights should go off when undercover. Duh!

      I guess that's it for now :) Thanks for the opportunity.
      • 6 Years Ago
      did you know sarah was in playboy?
      • 6 Years Ago
      How long had they been hiding for no reason?

      Brit bad mouthing the Mustang

      Joke about no Bentley songs?
      I can think of a few

      KITT not talking
      • 6 Years Ago
      One take for player intros...
      • 6 Years Ago
      Oh goody goody, here we are again. The only saving grace appears in the first thirty seconds: Sara. Not that she can act or anything.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Kitt needs to transform into a boat with ski's for wheels, then jump over a pool of ravenous sharks. That'd be awesome.

      I don't watch the show at all, but just enjoy Alex's misery. Schadenfreude is such a wonderful thing, hahahah.
        • 6 Years Ago

        *insert cheesy Simpsons reference*
      • 6 Years Ago
      ooo we're all getting nekkid. Hawt
      • 6 Years Ago
      Kudos to you for writing this blog. It combined with the horrendous nature of the show keep me coming back every Weds. Now that I think about it, you may be sealing your own fate with this...
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