• Jul 24th 2008 at 9:02AM
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The noise of other sports car makers getting their lunches eaten sounds just like the twelve cylinder engine in the Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS. A single RS sheep was caught in Italy's Stelvio Pass, being shepherded by a DBS. This Vantage RS gets some shinier wheels and a coat of delicious black paint, but otherwise, it looks like it's ready for the showroom floor. If anything could be cooler than a 600 hp Vantage packing twelve hi-rev punches, it's the DBS... but frankly, the jury's still out until we drive both of them (hint, Aston Martin...). Follow the link to check out the spy shots, and check out the gallery of hi-res pics below. Thanks for the tip, Des!

[Source: GT Spirit]

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      I'm sorta scratching my head on this one.

      After checking out both a DB9 and Vantage side-by-side in a showroom, they are r e a l l y similar. There are detail differences, but the main differentiator was the powertrain... until this was announced.

      So color me confused on how Aston plans to market this.

      Maybe it will be a more hard-edged sports car than the DB9, since that's more of a big GT car.

      Not that I'm complaining. More Astons are a good thing.
        • 7 Years Ago
        The DB9 is a GT car with 4 seats, and a longer wheelbase.

        The Vantage is a shorter two seat sports car based on the same VH-scalable chassis.

        DBS is a DB9 hotted up, and the rear seats pulled out, but it is still as long, and nearly as heavy as the DB9.

        Vantage RS V12 is just that, a V12 shoved into the engine bay of the Vantage V8 smaller 2-seat sports car. Lighter and more powerful. Also probably louder and hotter-running.

        The Rapide is going to take the scalable VH chassis the other direction, making a sleek 4-door sedan out of it.

        They all look the same by design, but dimensionally, they aren't the same.

        And all of them are bloody fantastic.
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      I absolutely love the DBS. It's gorgeous. But when you really think about it, it's just an upgraded DB9. Don't get me wrong if I had the cash I would still pick one up. I just think its a shame that its slower than the "old" Vanquish S. (that's another one that still gives me goosebumps)
      This Vantage RS should resolve that problem with more power than the Vanquish S and less weight. Let's just hope the handling and ride aren't compromised by the big 12.
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      Stelvio Pass? Someone's been watching Top Gear :)

      Awesome car, and I think someone suggested it could be the new Vanquish. It is surely awesome enough for that
      • 7 Years Ago
      How could you guys at auto blog want the DBS, seriously? The vanquish S handed the thing its lunch on a platter
      • 7 Years Ago
      No jury needed. If we were playing Aston Martin Monopoly, the V12 Vantage card would read:

      Pass everything. Collect 200mph. Go directly to awesome.
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      I love that the photog's car looks like a GT3. DROOL!!!!