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It's no big deal, really, just an eensy weensy potential short circuit in the ABS/Stability control system. A seal on the hardware that the ABS and ESP systems share can allow water infiltration, which leads to electrical maladies. A mass self-immolation of 307s would be rather unseemly, so Peugeot has recalled roughly 240,000 of the vehicles built between 2003 and 2006. Letters have gone out to owners beckoning about 60 percent of the 2 million total 307's sold to come back before there's legions of weeping former 307CC drivers stumbling back home.

[Source: Automotive News - sub req]

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      I can assure you, you would regret that.

      A 206 in America, I mean.
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      Better watch out, the Bugatti Veyron is assembled in France.
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      At least they deserve it.
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      Don't say that Mike
      here (brazilian market) we have it, and I can say, it sucks, electrical problems, poor finishment, lots of oversteer in a FWD car (you don't have the traction to bring it back when it slides) and fragile suspension parts, resuming, it is a pretty looking car that only appeals to young and gals, people that buy it only for the styling, nothing else.

      it's not only the local made 206, the french ones were exactly the same, if not worst, in '99 one family friend almost rolled down hill, nearby here when is rear suspension simply colapsed, having his 206 less than 30k miles, and this particular 206 was french, the french ones were imported from '99 to '01, when PSA (Peugeot's shareholder) started its local production


      Ah, and the 307 sucks a bit, too, one of the major auto magazines reviewed through 60000 km, and it was plagued with a lot of problems, they even had to swap the gearbox with less than 30000 km

      So, it is a car that I even considered to buy back then in 2003, but after so many criticism, now I don't want it, not even for free
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        Nothing's changed with the French and Nissan proves it. :V
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        Yes, it is assembled here, but, as I wrote, even the french ones are a bit problematic, the 307 was directly imported from France until 2005, and still was problematic, here in Brazil, having the 3 french marques, I could only say that the less unreliable is Renault

        And I'm saying this based on the experience of being a Citroen C3 owner for 2 yrs, I bought it in 2005 only becau its performance and its price/equipment ratio was far better than its competition (VW Polo 1.6, Ford Fiesta 1.6, Chevrolet Corsa 1.8 and Fiat Palio 1.8 - the latter is a complete junk, outdated and unstable in corners)

        So far the bet proved to be wrong, hence it has more depreciation and the used cars market is less receptive to it, and aside from Palio (which was facelifted recently) it has lost more value than the others
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        Aren't they built in Brazil or somewhere other than France for South America? I think that's the issue.

        I have a friend over in Europe, 2002 307 2.0Hdi, ~80 000km, no problem what so ever, the only thing that car wants is oil and diesel. And trust me that car's seen a lot... and the interior is great, VW kind of great...