• Aug 16th 2007 at 2:32PM
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Following yesterday's reveal of this new Ferrari prototype, more information about the car has surfaced. The guys at Winding Road are claiming it'll be available as a either a 2+2 or a strict two-seater and its chassis will be constructed with aluminum by Alcoa. Apparently you'll be able to option the car with two seats in the back or a storage shelf, which could also potentially reduce weight.

The car won't feature the latest in Ferrari go-fast gear, but it'll still get a V8 powerplant with around 400hp on offer. Though many have suggested the new model will be called the Dino, one of Winding Road's sources has revealed the car won't in fact be named after the son of Enzo Ferrari.

The test-mule seen here may look like a regular 599 GTB with some camo gear but from certain angles the panels seem to be out of shape, suggesting the car's internals are different in size to the current Ferrari flagship. We can also gather that the car's engine will likely sit up front and its wheelbase will be significantly shorter than the 599's.

[Source: Winding Road]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      Awesome, now if they price it right, say around $60K, they'll sell every one. I might even pick one up for $60K.
      • 8 Years Ago
      whatever happened to the notion that there is indeed no Dino and they're doing this for a new Maserati/Alfa?
      • 8 Years Ago
      That flying buttress is a very intriguing design feature.Wonder if it has a structural or aerodynamic component.
        • 8 Years Ago
        A V-8 Dino? I thought Dino was defined by a V-6?
        • 8 Years Ago
        That flying buttress is part of the 599 body.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Begging the question: What does Ferrari consider "cheap" ?

      What, $90k?

      To the rest of my plebeians;

      Nothing to see here, move along. Just another Ferrari you can only afford by selling your kidney.