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T5 AWD has more power than competitors, doesn't sacrifice fuel economy

T5 AWD has good power but doesn't sacrifice fuel economy


Here's how Volvo's near future is expected to roll out

From 2019, Volvo won't develop new internal combustion engines.


Designed for integration into PHEV and all-electric variants coming later

The 1.5-liter engine is designed for integration into PHEV and all-electric variants


Crossovers for Millennials, luxury SUVs from Germany, plug-in hybrid sedans, and future trucks.

First Drive

Peppy crossover offers all of the essentials for daily driving, including safety tech

Volvo's driver assistance package gets extra credit for being smooth and highly functional. It instills confidence that you are actually driving, but it asserts that it can help when you want it to.

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Running the numbers and intangibles on Care by Volvo.

Running the numbers and intangibles on Care by Volvo.

Los Angeles

That covers insurance, maintenance and service for 24 months.

Flat monthly fees for the 2019 XC40 start at $600.


We know the program's price in the U.K. — here's how and why it may differ in the U.S.

How and why it might be quite a bit different in the United States.

Volvo's new crossover, the XC40, was unveiled in Milan, Italy. The Swedish automaker will pack the XC40 with a cluster of safety equipment.


Scandinavia’s smallest SUV looks formidable.

Breaking down Volvo's first attempt at a small SUV.


AWD version starts at $35,200 — but Care by Volvo flat fee might be the real value breakthrough

This will be Volvo's entry-level model.


A mishap or an intentional leak?

The official reveal is still a week away.


It's all shown via a desk.

We're looking forward to seeing the actual interior.


It looks like it didn't stray far from the concept car.

Spy Shots

Our spy photographer got the first photos of the interior of the all-new XC40.


PHEV mill will update Volvo's 'twin-engine' concept.

Volvo will follow the debut of its plug-in hybrid crossover with battery-electric and mild-hybrid models.

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