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Quick Spin
2017 Volkswagen e-Golf Drivers' Notes Review | Putting the car first

Great-driving hatchback that happens to have an electric motor

Just a smoother, quieter Golf.

First Drive
A Golf by any other name | 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf First Drive

An electric car that puts the car first.

Electricity, delivered in a familiar package.

Next Corvette Conspiracy Theories | Autoblog Podcast #514

Plus Spend My Money and What We're Driving

Bring your foil hat!

1 in 7 Americans say they might buy an EV next, as sales of electrics surge

About the same number of drivers say they're buying a pickup next.

AAA poll indicates 30 million Americans may buy an electric vehicle within three to five years.

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf electric range grows to 125 miles

Still short of the Bolt's, though longer than the i3's.

Power output also grows.

The worst cars we drove in 2016

Sure, there are few truly bad cars anymore, but we definitely did not like these.

Los Angeles
New VW MEB electric vehicle, with up to 373 miles of range, coming in 2020

It's all part of VW's big electromobility plan.

Look for autonomous drive tech, too.

Updated VW e-Golf will have maybe 124 miles of real-world range

A battery improvement of 50 percent should help things, right?

Thanks to better battery cells, the facelifted VW e-Golf should have a real-world range of around 124 miles when it arrives this fall.

Volkswagen e-Golf recalled for battery software problem

Volkswagen will recall the 2015-2016 e-Golf to fix the electric motor shutting down unexpectedly.

EPA may force VW to build EVs in US as 'penalty' for diesel scandal

Along with whatever it will need to do to fix its cheat-device-enabled TDIs, VW may be forced to built electric vehicles in Chattanooga.

VW e-Golf will get 30% range boost thanks to improved batteries

The VW e-Golf's range will soon jump about 30 percent thanks to the German automaker's coming upgrade for its batteries.

VW launches cheaper 2016 e-Golf SE to challenge Nissan Leaf

With an attractive low price, the 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf SE is challenging the Nissan Leaf for green-car buyers.

VW uses NorCal Forest to make e-Golf carbon neutral

3Degrees, The Conservation Fund Figure Out How To Value CO2

VW has decided to make the e-Golf carbon neutral, from production to the first 36,000 miles of driving. The Garcia River Forest is key in making this work.

VW considering single, cheaper li-ion cell for all plug-in vehicle batteries

One Cell Style Could Cut Costs By 66 Percent

Volkswagen is considering switching to a standardized lithium-ion battery cell design for future plug-in vehicles that could lower the parts' costs by 66 percent.

Move over Nissan Leaf, VW E-Golf is the new sales champ in Europe

VW's Norway Advertising Push Was Key

Volkswagen e-Golf overtakes Nissan Leaf as Western Europe's best-selling electric vehicle.

2015 VW e-Golf gets cheaper Limited Editon, starts at $33,450*

If you've been thinking about getting your hands on the VW e-Golf but couldn't quite stretch to the full $35k starting price, we've got good news for you. Volkswagen has announced a cheaper Limited Edition for $2,000 less.

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