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The nation's biggest car-sharing service, Zipcar, just keeps on getting bigger. This week, Zipcar announced it would now offer short-term car rentals on 36 new higher education schools in North America, trying to capture the use-don't-own spirit of today's young people. The company's new Facebook reservation service (which supplements the existing smartphone reservation apps) speaks to this. All told, Zipcars are now available on over 250 higher education campuses in North America (see the full

Zipcar has long targeted the college crowd with their car sharing options. Now, thanks to an expanded partnership with Zimride, an online carpool app, an estimated 430,000 students at 15 universities can access the application. The two companies announced the deal at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today and the new schools are UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of Maryland and George Mason University.