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If you're not an Apple fanboy who's been hitting F5 repeatedly over on Engadget today, here's a green car tie-in from the big WWDC that's just wrapping up: your iPhone will soon be able to unlock the doors of your Zipcar rental vehicle. Yes, your phone can now tell your car what to do. It's only a matter of time before Dr. Horrible's remote control app becomes a reality.

Car-sharing service Zipcar has revamped their reservation system on their website. The service allows members to buy credits for use of cars that are provided by Zipcar on an as needed basis. After surveying 30,000 members, they designed the new system using lots of Web 2.0 AJAX type features. The system adds a one-click reservation option and embedded Google maps so users can figure where the cars are actually located. The new system has also been designed to scale up to support Zipcar's worldw