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California outlines plans for 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles by 2025

Take all of the registered motor vehicles in Oregon, move them one state south and turn them all into hybrids, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles. That's pretty much what the California Governor Jerry Brown has in mind, and the state has taken 32 pages to lay that process out.

Tesla says it does not depend on zero emission tax credit sales

Tesla Roadster 2.5 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Renault launches new site dedicated to its upcoming EV lineup [w/VIDEO]

Renault Fluence Zero Emissions Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

2010 Nissan Leaf [*UPDATED w/vids & live photos]

In person, in depth - and U.S. bound

2010 Nissan Leaf EV - Click above for hi-res gallery

Brown goes green in NYC: Full-sized UPS EV truck

Click image for photo gallery of the UPS EV van

Hydrogen car projects affected by CARB regulations

According to a recent article in Forbes, the new CARB rules will affect negatively all hydrogen car projects. Even though this is something quite a number of our readers consider good, the article states that it's bad, and it's a direct consequence of

CARB backs off a bit on ZEV Mandate, orders 66k PHEVs sold by 2014

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted last week to revise its ZEV (zero-emissions vehicle) Mandate that was first adopted in 1990 and has since been changed five times now. The newest revisions ease up on automakers, now calling for 7,500 zero-emission vehicles to be sold in California between 2012 and 2014, down from 25,000 that were called for in the last revision made in 2003. A zero-emissions vehicle includes a pure electric vehicle or one powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, though CA

Hydrogen-electric catfight at Zero Emission Vehicle Symposium?

It was "Who Killed the Electric Car" vs. "Hydrogen is not Ready for Prime Time" at the Zero Emissions Vehicle symposium. At least that's the way automotive journalist Lou Ann Hammond described the action from her ringside seat.

Paris Preview: Peugeot 207 EPURE Concept

The Peugeot 207 EPURE concept looks like a production car because, for the most part, it is. What you see is the new Peugeot 207 CC ... almost. A peek underhood reveals the "concept" part of this little French bulldog: it's powered by a fuel cell.