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Report recommends mileage-based fee for EVs in California

UC Davis says ZEV registration fees aren't enough to fund road repairs

UC Davis says ZEV registration fees aren't enough to fund road repairs.

British Columbia plans to end non-electric car sales by 2040

It also plans to further incentivize EV purchases

It also plans to further incentivize EV purchases.

GM’s Charlie Wilson was right: Stronger regulations can help U.S. automakers

GM calls on the feds to provide leadership, mandate zero emissions cars

GM calls on the feds to provide leadership by mandating zero emissions cars.

GM seeks national mandate for zero-emissions cars

Automaker to ask Trump administration for a standard like California's

Automaker will ask the Trump administration for a standard like California's.

IKEA plans zero-emission home deliveries in five major cities by 2020

Aims for 100-percent of last-mile deliveries to be by EV in 2025

Aims for 100-percent of last-mile deliveries to be by EV in 2025.

Toyota unveils next iteration of fuel-cell semi truck

Range has improved from 200 miles to more than 300

Range has improved from 200 miles to more than 300.

2025 ban on gas-powered cars making progress in Holland

Older gas-powered vehicles would be legal thanks to a 'grandfather' clause.

And you thought it was old news by now.

Stricter ZEV mandate would prevent automakers from just buying their way out of actually making EVs

California's current credits system hinders electric vehicle adoption, Assemblywoman says.

If this plan goes into effect, CARB's ZEV mandate would look quite different.

Tesla blasts California regulators, other automakers

Tesla's Musk, O'Connell tout EV maker's role in lowered emissions.

Tesla executives take California and other vehicle makers to task for not doing more to widen electric-vehicle sales.

California may tweak zero-emissions mandate on credit glut [UPDATE]

Tesla's $169 million in ZEV credits may push California to boast goals.

California may make it harder for Tesla, another automakers to earn zero-emissions credits.

EPA thinks cleaner school buses could keep kids healthier

Federal Agency Aims To Rid Roads Of 400 More Older Diesel Engines

Diesel fumes are harming the health of children who ride school buses, so the Environmental Protection Agency is helping to provide cleaner rides.

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How CARB's next meeting could dramatically change the EV landscape

Intermediate Automakers Could Get EV Reprieve

Will October 23 be a day of reckoning for some US automakers? Could be, since that's when the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is meeting up and may tweak its mandates for zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) compliance for some of the world's largest carmakers. Green Car Reports says the news may be good.

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State-by-state EV support often comes down to party lines

Last week, eight governors "joined hands" in support of zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) in California's state capital. That's a good start, but there are seven governors of states that have worked with California on tough emissions rules in the past who were missing. It appeared the split was mostly along party lines.

50-mph electric bicycle tackles Mulholland Highway

Electric bicycles and electric motorcycles, like the Zero, are still kind of rare. But if this video is any indication, they have a bright future. This gentleman has rigged up a bicycle with an electric motor and a 72-volt, lithium-ion nano phosphate battery in his backpack. The custom built cycle can be recharged in two hours, although it isn't clear if this is on a wall outlet or something a bit heartier.

Market for clean air credits grows as Cali's ZEV mandates hit automakers

Automakers are buying and selling zero emission vehicle credits ahead of more stringent ZEV mandates in California. The state now requires larger automakers to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles they sell, including electric, plug-in hybrid and Zach Bowman

These electric vehicles aren't really, real; just California compliance EVs

California may be the Golden State, but when it comes to the upcoming debuts of a number of battery-electric vehicles, prospective buyers may want to associate the most populous U.S. state with the color red. As in herring.

Will California's ZEV mandate expand across the country?

More states may follow the Golden State in plug-in vehicle quotas, which could make auto executives see red.

California breaks rank again, demands over 15% of cars sold be non-polluting by 2025

Less than a year after everyone with any sort of say in the matter seemed to agree that 54.5 miles per gallon by the year 2025 was a properly attainable goal, the California Air Resources Board has decided to change things up a bit.

California lawmakers push for 1.4M zero-emissions vehicles on the road

TheDetroitBureau.com reports that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is out to change the zero-emissions-vehicle (ZEV) game again, this time revising its desired numbers for vehicle sales and prodding industry to make alternative fuels more available. From 2018 to 2025, CARB wants ZEVs to number 1.4 million sales every year. According to its numbers, by 2025, that would result in a decrease of 52 million metric tons of emissions.

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