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Top Gear has an Extra Gear problem | Episode Review

Extra Gear is still awesome, but we're wondering if that comes at Top Gear's expense.

We've lauded Top Gear's companion show since its debut, but as good as it's been, its latest episode may have taken too much of the main show's goodness.

Zenos E10 brings carbon to the masses for on-track passes

The Zenos E10 represents nothing less than a carbon-fiber revolution, designed for the track and built to sell for the price of a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Check it out in the latest from Carfection.

Zenos E10 R adds power to lightness

British track car manufacturer Zenos Cars reveals the new R version of its E10 speedster, packing 350 horsepower into a 1,550-pound frame for an even mightier punch than its stablemates.

Can the Zenos E10 challenge Caterham and Ariel? Autocar finds out

Boutique sports car companies pop up every now and again, hoping to challenge the big (well... bigger, at least) boys before slinking away shortly thereafter as a failure unable to make a dent in the crowded market. However, that common story might not apply to new British automaker Zenos, especially if Autocar is to be believed in a new video.

Zenos E10 coming to America priced from $39,500*

Tired of seeing all the coolest track toys just beyond your reach, across the pond in the UK and Europe? Well we've got good news for you, because as promised, Zenos is coming to America.

Zenos unveils E10 track toy at Autosport International

British startups have given us some of the finest track cars on the market, from the Ariel Atom and BAC Mono to so many Radicals and Caterhams. But now it has one more.

Zenos to unveil E10 track car next month

A few months ago we brought you the first teaser images of a new track car project called Zenos. Not unlike the mass exodus from Ferrari that founded ATS in the '60s, Zenos was started by Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards who formerly worked together at Caterham and Lotus.

Ex-Caterham boss to launch Ford-engined track toy

Colin Chapman left quite a legacy with his "add lightness" philosophy. Lotus was founded on that principle. Caterham soliders on in that spirit as well. And now a new outfit has in turn grown out of Caterham. That outfit is called Zenos, and it's spearheaded by former Caterham chief Ansar Ali. The startup has t