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The new CEO and President of Tesla Motors Ze'ev Drori has been pretty quiet since he came on board recently, at least publicly. He did participate with Elon Musk in the recent conference call with customers and he has undoubtedly made his presence felt inside the walls at San Carlos. Now, anyone can hear what Drori has to say: he's just posted his first entry on the Tesla blog picking up where Elon Musk left off last week. Drori gives some further details on the situation with the Roadster's tra

Back in August when company founder Martin Eberhard stepped aside as CEO of Tesla Motors, Michael Marks was named as Interim CEO while the company searched for a new permanent leader. That search has apparently now concluded as Ze'ev Drori will step in next Monday as the new CEO. Drori was a founder of a company called Monolithic Memories that invented programmable array logic chips and was later acquired by processor manufacturer AMD. More recently Drori ran Clifford Electronics, a company that

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