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A virtually brand new Xebra EV is about to end its time on the eBay shopping block. The three-week old zero-emission trike is in pretty much new condition but currently has no bids at an opening price of $7,900 (new, these cars sell for around nine grand). The seller claims to be in the Air Force and since he (or she. Jesse is such an ambiguous name) will be changing bases soon, the car has got to go. AutoblogGreen readers probably already know all about the 40mph, 40-mile range Xebra, but if yo

Steve Palmer is the freshest owner of a Xebra electric vehicle after submitting the winning bid of $10,800 on a recent eBay auction. While the Xebra's actual retail price is under $10,000, the squat little EVs are only sold through authorized dealers and are not available everywhere right now. Palmer said his high bid would allow him to get the Xebra faster than through the standard channels. He claimed that he "really wanted the car so my family and I could enjoy this newest technology."