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There has been a lot of noise in Kentucky recently as state elected officials work to bring a large electric car factory to the area. A month ago, Democrats and Republicans were fighting over just who could hold the earlier press conference with representatives from Zap. Then, two weeks ago, the governor issued an executive order to allow low-speed three wheelers like Zap's Xebra on the roads. On Friday, officials from the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority gave the green light to o

ZAP has proven to be an excellent company when it comes to issuing press releases. They have also offered some nice products in the past, like the Zappy line of scooters. For some, the Xebra (see gallery below) fits their needs quite nicely, and for those people, ZAP is a fine company. For the rest of us, the chances that the ZAP X SUV, ZAP Alias or Detroit Electric brand ever get off the ground seems awfully slim.

No, that's not a new photo of the upcoming Zap Alias. Instead, it's a photo to show what Zap and Youngman's partnership will bring back from the dead: Detroit Electric.

While one of our favorite automotive curmudgeons, the Great Farago seems to have no reluctance to call out the likes of General Motors for greenwashing and Tesla for supposedly being vaporware (BTW for vaporware, it's a blast to drive!), he has so far remained strangely silent on the subject of Zap! Perhaps it is an odd sense of decency. He seems to only be willing to pick targets that have a hope of actually fighting back and perhaps making a case for themselves. Perhaps he doesn't see Zap! as