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For all the problems Zap has had bringing vehicles like the Alias to market, they are taking reservations for the Zap Truck XL, an all-electric four-wheeled vehicle that might be the truck that Zap wants to build in Kentucky using DOE money. Zap isn't the only American company that wants to sell this truck though; GM already does, sort of.

In addition to the planned Alias from ZAP, the electric vehicle company reportedly wants to branch into the electric pickup truck market as well. According to the latest in a long line of press releases from ZAP, the company has completed the engineering stage of a project to develop a four-wheel electric pickup. The company claims it plans to build the new EV right here in the United States using parts and components largely sourced from U.S. suppliers.

I've never driven a Zap! Car, but AutoblogGreen reader Ian Johnston has, and he let us know about a lengthy test drive/review article he wrote over at Obairlann.net. The subject vehicle is one of Zap's electric trucks, and the first thing that struck me was Johnston's description of the pedal arrangement in the tiny EV. The "the accelerator is where your foot would naturally find the brake in a normal car, and the brake is where you'd expect to slam down on a clutch pedal." That is an unfortunat