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I like writing about green cars because we need a cleaner and better way to get around. I'm lucky, because I often don't need a car. I ride a bike and live close to stores and other places I need to be. I drive when I have to (hell, last week, I even rented a Jeep SUV because Thrifty messed up and didn't have the economy car I requested, but that a story for another post. Coming soon). Still, it's good now and again to step back, get out of the hows and whys of green car technology and think abo

Small and nimble will win the next segment of the auto sales race. With most of the major auto manufacturers only slowly moving away from their once-insanely popular (but now seen as gas-guzzling burdens) large SUVs to smaller cars, independent small car makers are poised to dominate the new generation of cars says Gary Starr, who founded ZAP cars in 1994. The big car companies are coming a little to late to the party, he said. It's a little bit of history repeating itself. Starr told News.com t