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The world desperately needs vehicles with alternative powertrains, such as battery electrics. The potential to make a killing in the business is huge, as is the potential to lose everything. The auto industry - as anyone who has ever gotten involved in it knows - is hugely capital intensive so investors are needed. However, people tend to be unwilling to put large quantities of cash unless they see a potential return. In any new business arena there are startups who fail without drawing much att

It's another great day in Zap PR land. The electric vehicle company has signed a deal with the Chinese luxury bus manufacturer Youngman Auto Group to jointly work on electric and hybrid vehicles. The announcement says that the two companies "have signed a joint venture agreement to manufacture, market and distribute electric and hybrid vehicles for the passenger car, truck and bus markets. The new joint venture company will also focus on the development and manufacturing of electric charging inf

I was just going in for some routine maintenance on my car, when I saw a line of scooters in front of the lobby of Jessup's Automotive in LaGrange Park, IL, the mechanic my family has been going to for seven years. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the Zap! logo and remembered that these guys were now a dealer for Zap!'s products. Containing my excitement and curiosity, I went in and got started with what I came there to do, then off-handedly asked how the interest in the Zap!s was going.

Update: AutoblogGreen is not endorsing any of the companies in the article linked to below. The point of this post is to point out that there are many companies who are hoping to get a piece of the green automotive pie.

Obvio! Automotoveiculos SA of Brazil has picked Lotus Engineering to help it develop two new microsports cars that are being dubbed trybrids. Obvio! will initially be building two new cars, the 828 and 012, for markets around the world. Lotus has been given a full development program that includes the vehicle safety structure, integration of engines capable of running on gas, ethanol or natural gas and other variants. The flex-fuel internal combustion variants will hit the streets first followed

The San Francisco International Auto Show starts tomorrow (and runs through November 26) at the Moscone Center and Zap! will be showing off their newest car. Zap! will be publicly introducing the Xebra Xero, their first electric car with solar charging. They have taken their existing plug-in EV Xebra, and bolted a panel of solar cells to the roof to allow the battery pack to be charged anytime the car is in outside during the daylight. Zap! is also offering a larger solar panel charger that cust

Electric car maker Zap! has benefited from rising gas prices in the past and their financial numbers are showing it. They had record sales of $9.9 million for the first nine months of 2006, compared to $2.9 million during the previous year. Sales during the third quarter were $2.6 million, a jump over the $799,000 during the third quarter of 2005. During the quarter they also recorded a profit of $305,000, a turnaround from the loss of $6.8 million dollars. At least part of the profit was due to

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