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Russian dashcams are an endless source of hilarious lunacy.


The massive number of safety devices, explosives, electronics and construction materials in modern cars means that extricating someone from a wrecked vehicle is no longer just a matter of a Sawzall and twelve minutes. Carmakers work with first responders so that the men and women who save lives can actually figure out how to get to the lives in question without doing further damage to the people inside or themselves.

Spy Shots

One of our favorite European runabouts is officially due for an update. Skoda designers and engineers are hard at work refreshing the company's Yeti, and our spy photographers spotted the updated vehicle out for testing. A new front fascia looks to be part of the package, complete with larger air inlets and a redesigned grille similar to what we've seen on the Skoda Rapid. Designers have also reworked the small crossover's headlights up front, while the rear now wears new taillamp arrays and and


As a European auto giant with a strong presence in the North American market, there are some products that the Volkswagen group doesn't offer on this side of the pond. Like the entire Skoda and Seat brands, for example. With the exception of the Scirocco, there aren't many that we really feel like we're missing over here. That, and perhaps the Skoda Yeti.