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Tesla Model S gets new options, price increase on things like XM Radio

During the Teslive town hall with Tesla fans in July, company CEO Elon Musk was his usual interesting, informative self, and he even dropped some news about changes coming to the Model S. The big ones are a valet parking mode (to limit performance so those punk kids don't go tear things up with your EV), a better navigation system (so that north is always facing up, for example, and a way to downl

Sirius and XM debut new lineups

Sirius and XM have buried the hatchet and merged their content, to the likely displeasure of many. XM closes 15 stations while simultaneously adding 22 new selections to the lineup, and Sirius pretty much broke even, trading 11 stations for 10 new ones. As has always been the case, the sports fans fare the best. Reception is reportedly better, too, though we're sure the lossy-codec lack of fidelity still makes it all virtually unlistenable to anyone that pays attention. If you don't care that cy

Sirius / XM merger approved by Justice Department

On February 19th, 2007, rival satellite radio providers Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio announced a merger worth $5 billion. It was approved by shareholders last November, but many weren't confident the Justic Department would approve the merger of satellite radio's only two providers. Today it has done just that, removing one of the last obstacles to the holy union of these two companies. The feds' main justification for its approval is that the companies compete as much with othe

Dylan pulls off Highway 61 in Sellout-ville driving Escalade

It looks like Bob Dylan's favorite sound these days is the clink-clink-clink of pennies in his retirement piggybank. Why else would one of the world's preeminent songwriters and stewards of music go all commercial on us? Cadillac announced recently that it has teamed up with XM Radio and the magnificent Mr. Zimmerman to move its Detroit-branded luxury iron. Dylan's "Theme Time Radio Hour" show on XM satellite radio is excelle

Alpine Electronics launches XM Radio Navtraffic receiver

We've all been there - you've just zipped past the last exit for a couple of miles on your morning commute, you sail over a rise and find... brake lights, as far as the eye can see. If only you'd known the jam was there, you could have taken that exit. If only... Well, here's a gadget that can help!