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There seems to be some confusion over what vehicle Chrysler will choose to sell in North America from the Chery lineup. We recently shared speculation that the renamed A1 would be the most likely Chery to carry a Dodge badge in small car segments around the globe. It seems, however, that nobody actually knows which of six Chery models Chrysler will choose.

Concerns are being raised in China over the quantity of crops being diverted away from feeding the masses to biofuel production, which is in turn leading to calls for more ethanol production to be realised from non-grain sources. Ethanol demand has resulted in rising prices for such staples as corn, soy and wheat says the official Xinhua news agency.

Apparently some people feel that "Great" isn't good enough. Just days after a new law went into effect aiming to protect the Great Wall of China, a Chinese company wanting to build a highway through the Great Wall was fined for damaging it. The company, Hongji Landbridge Investment Development Inc., had to pay the maximum penalty of 500,000 yuan ($63,800) for dinking a section of the Wall in Inner Mongolia, according to the official news agency, Xinhua.

Considering the rate at which China is industrializing, the thought of just how much oil they'll consume in future years is staggeringly high. With that in mind, Feng Fei, director of the industrial economics research department with the Development Research Center of China's State Council, announced that by 2025, 50 percent of China's cars will run on fuels other than gasoline. At this point, the alternatives appear to include diesel, biofuels and hydrogen.

At a conference today in Vienna sponsored by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, Abdallah S. Jum'ah, president and CEO of the state-owned Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco), proclaimed that the world has only consumed about 18 percent of its total crude oil supply. He said that with a 4.5 trillion barrel global potential, there is enough to maintain current consumption levels for 140 years.