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Chinese parent company Zap Jonway has ousted top executives at California-based Zap, a maker of specialized electric vehicles. On the last day of 2012, Zap's board of directors removed Priscilla Lu as chairman and all other duties Lu had been responsible for at any of Zap's subsidiaries or joint ventures.

The Zap Xebra. Wow. There's a vehicle we haven't written about in a long, long while. Don't get your hopes up Zap fans (by which we mean Zapp Brannigan, of course), because even though we're doing so now, the news isn't good. Almost 700 units, all produced during the 2008 model year, are being recalled – again – by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for brake issues. In 2009, 738 units of the 2008 model year Xebras were recalled for not being able to brake in

Following sales of $737,000 of vehicles in August and the Kentucky plant groundbreaking in September, Zap has announced that the company shipped more vehicles in the third quarter of 2008 than during any other time since it started selling the Xebra (truck and sedan versions) in 2006. How many vehicles make up Zap's new record? 240, which is up from 80 in the third quarter of 2007. Second quarter Xebra sales were 130 in 2008 and 80 in 2007. These sales increases also mean that Zap was able to ad

It looks as though the passing of Xebra-friendly laws and promises of millions of dollars in tax incentives will result in the building of an $84 million ZAP! factory in Kentucky. The governor of the bluegrass state, Steve Beshear, is expected to announce a deal between ZAP! and Integrity Manufacturing Inc. later today that could eventually result in up to 4,000 jobs (according to Integrity) with salaries averaging $20/hr. The new plant would give the California-based electric vehicle company a

Kids today. Give them a new toy and before the sun goes down it's been taken apart, hacked, and maybe even improved. Jeff isn't exactly a kid and he picked up this toy some time last January but a Xebra isn't exactly an Playstation so it took a little time. The point is he wasn't totally satisfied with his ride and took it upon himself to bust out the power tools and make some changes. He also made an entertaining and somewhat instructional video of his Xebra hacking adventure which is definitel

Currently, there are a few small manufacturers marketing in the small, three-wheeled vehicle segment. Obviously, ZAP comes to mind with their electric Xebra sedan and pickup truck. Bajaj sells small three-wheeled utility vehicles here as well. It looks like we can add Trifun to that list, as they reportedly plan to sell a few thousand three-wheeled vehicles this year in the U.S.

If crowding a bunch of school children into a Zap Xebra (remember this video?) sounds like fun to you, then perhaps a new four-door version of the all-electric vehicle will be the site of your next endeavor. Even if you just want to use the car around, town, this news might be welcomed by you. The new Xebra has been approved for use on UK roads by the UK's Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). The approval means the three-wheeled EV can go up to 40 mph on UK streets and Zap CEO Steve Schn

In May, Zap announced that Domino's would use a three-wheeled, all-electric Xebra to deliver pizzas in Las Vegas. Today, Zero Air Pollution vehicles announced a much bigger delivery deal: UPS is leasing 42 Xebra cars and trucks to deliver packages in the city of Petaluma in Northern California. This is but one of UPS' attempts to get off the gas. You can read the details in the links listed below, but the most unusual of UPS' varied strategies is to save $600 million by favoring right hand turns

I was just going in for some routine maintenance on my car, when I saw a line of scooters in front of the lobby of Jessup's Automotive in LaGrange Park, IL, the mechanic my family has been going to for seven years. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the Zap! logo and remembered that these guys were now a dealer for Zap!'s products. Containing my excitement and curiosity, I went in and got started with what I came there to do, then off-handedly asked how the interest in the Zap!s was going.

The newspaper Inside Bay Area regularly features alternative car technologies and culture (like this article on Elon Musk of Tesla or this one fuel taxes) and, with the paper situated in a place where the population is likely to embrace NEVs – which is the focus of the paper's new article on the popularity of the new Xebra and a fourth dealership opening up in the area.

The San Francisco International Auto Show starts tomorrow (and runs through November 26) at the Moscone Center and Zap! will be showing off their newest car. Zap! will be publicly introducing the Xebra Xero, their first electric car with solar charging. They have taken their existing plug-in EV Xebra, and bolted a panel of solar cells to the roof to allow the battery pack to be charged anytime the car is in outside during the daylight. Zap! is also offering a larger solar panel charger that cust

ZAP wannabe-dealer Shock Value is hoping to sell an electric 3-wheeler pickup out of its Austin, Texas, location. Shock Value is still awaiting its state dealer license, but owner John Martin is a big ZAP fan and wanted to bring the vehicle to Texas. He says Austin is a ideal city for electric transportation. Martin, a supporter of Montessori schools in the Austin area, didn't own a car as a younster, preferring to tool around on his roller blades. The vehicle shown is the XEBRA PK, which can be

Steve Palmer is the freshest owner of a Xebra electric vehicle after submitting the winning bid of $10,800 on a recent eBay auction. While the Xebra's actual retail price is under $10,000, the squat little EVs are only sold through authorized dealers and are not available everywhere right now. Palmer said his high bid would allow him to get the Xebra faster than through the standard channels. He claimed that he "really wanted the car so my family and I could enjoy this newest technology."

ZAP will cut the ribbon on an electric car dealership Sept. 8 at 11 a.m. in Santa Rosa, California, followed by a weekend celebrating tthe success of the XEBRA.

Small and nimble will win the next segment of the auto sales race. With most of the major auto manufacturers only slowly moving away from their once-insanely popular (but now seen as gas-guzzling burdens) large SUVs to smaller cars, independent small car makers are poised to dominate the new generation of cars says Gary Starr, who founded ZAP cars in 1994. The big car companies are coming a little to late to the party, he said. It's a little bit of history repeating itself. Starr told News.com t

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