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The San Francisco International Auto Show starts tomorrow (and runs through November 26) at the Moscone Center and Zap! will be showing off their newest car. Zap! will be publicly introducing the Xebra Xero, their first electric car with solar charging. They have taken their existing plug-in EV Xebra, and bolted a panel of solar cells to the roof to allow the battery pack to be charged anytime the car is in outside during the daylight. Zap! is also offering a larger solar panel charger that cust

A virtually brand new Xebra EV is about to end its time on the eBay shopping block. The three-week old zero-emission trike is in pretty much new condition but currently has no bids at an opening price of $7,900 (new, these cars sell for around nine grand). The seller claims to be in the Air Force and since he (or she. Jesse is such an ambiguous name) will be changing bases soon, the car has got to go. AutoblogGreen readers probably already know all about the 40mph, 40-mile range Xebra, but if yo