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The concept driving Local Motors, the independent car company featured in TRANSLOGIC 60, is at once simple and complex. A quote from the automaker's website sums it up by saying "Local Motors will design, manufacture, and bring to market innovative...lightweight, efficient cars through a revolutionary, local assembly and retail experience." Essentially, that means Local Motors wants to reduce the scale and scope of car making. In this way, they're kind of like the fast-food of automobile manufa

A few years ago, former Marine and Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers could've never imagined his company would design and build a fully-equipped military machine in just a few short months. Normally, those things take lots of time--major car companies spend millions of dollars and up to seven years to take an idea from the sketchpad to the dealership--but not Local Motors. To be equipped for the future one must be adaptable. Change: it's the premise upon which president Obama campaigned in '08 and the


Local Motors DARPA XC2V – Click above to watch the video after the jump