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Cell Phones and Texting: Distracted Driving Laws in Wyoming

Distracted driving is defined as anything that takes the eyes off of the road, mind off of driving, and the hands off of the steering wheel while operating a motor vehicle.

How to Register a Car in Wyoming

In order for a person to get back and forth to their job, they will need a car.

Top 10 Scenic Drives in Wyoming

Wyoming has a more diverse landscape than non-natives often think from prairielands to mountain ranges to lush forest regions.

US roads where you're most likely to encounter a drunk driver

Drunk driving is always dangerous and a problem across the country and the world, but certain places have a knack for attracting drunk drivers. In the US, those places tend to be rural western states.

Wyoming Is The Most Expensive State To Own A Car, Iowa The Cheapest

States with coast lines generally more expensive

A new report found Wyoming is the most expensive state to own a car, with Iowa coming in as the cheapest.

Idaho, Wyoming poised to get 80 mph speed limits [w/video]

You should be able to drive across the Northwestern part of the United States a little more quickly in the coming months. Idaho and Wyoming have just passed laws to raise some interstate speed limits to 80 miles per hour.

With 38.2 cents per gallon, California is tops for state gas taxes

This might come as puzzling news for any Angeleno or San Franciscan whose head is ringing from the most recent batch of potholes: California has the highest state gas taxes in the country, charging almost five times as much per gallon as low-tax states such as Alaska and Georgia, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) says.

Wyoming lithium deposits much bigger than originally expected

If the US would like to stop importing 80 percent of its lithium, mainly from China, and if Bolivian sources don't come through, it looks like there is a big domestic opportunity: Wyoming. Having an ample domestic supply would bring down the price of Jon LeSage

Teen's Punishment For Drunk Driving? Mom Sells His Car

Wyoming mother displays her distress in classified ad

The meanest mother in Wyoming just may save her son's life.

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