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Refuel 2009 at Laguna Seca – click above to watch the videos after the jump

KleenSpeed Technologies, one of the companies behind the WX10-T all-electric race car has opened up their website to the public to reveal some of what went on behind the scenes as they prepared their prototype, code-named Angelina, for its unveiling. Included on the site are pictures of everything from the electric drivetrain being integrated into the chassis to shots of their new digs, appropriately located at the Ames Research Center in California. One thing we couldn't help but notice behind

The all-electric WX10-T was official unveiled at last week's Performance Racing Industry trade show and now that the initial festivities are done with, we have a bit more information and some pics to share. The West Race Cars and KleenSpeed Technologies collaboration garnered a good bit of interest at the event and we hear some deals should be announced before too long. West had said they were looking for "4 more top flight racing operations" to campaign the cars this year and they may well be o

We were wondering when someone would consider taking advantage of the potential for massive torque and wicked acceleration that a modern electric drivetrain can offer and build some race cars that could also boast some environmental credentials. We wonder no more. West Race Cars and KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. have teamed up and will unveil the first all-electric production race car at the Performance Racing Industry trade show this week. Yeah, we've told you about some other folks with electri