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French V150 tops Veyron by more than 100 mph

Sister blog Gadling just posted this video of a French assault on the worlds fastest vehicle title. Forget the Veyron's 253 mph or the projected 273 that the SSC Ultimate Aero TT will do, this Gallic bullet just hit 357.2 mph! While the Bug and Aero have around 1,000 hp to help push them towards glory, this puppy packs a whopping 25,000 hp. And it's not just about top speed here, t

9ff GT9 could unseat Veyron with 254 mph top speed

EVO Magazine just released info (and pics) about that very special project from German Porsche tuner, 9ff. If 9ff sounds familiar, you may remember it as the company that has set a couple of street legal records with highly modified 911s. It appears they have given up on the 911's rear-engine configuration in favor of a custom vehicle with its engine mounted amidships. The new car is called

AC Schnitzer BMW breaks speed record

OK, so it might not be World's Fastest Car or even World's Fastest Coupe, but the AC Schnitzer Tension just accomplished something pretty remarkable. It sped its way around the Southern Italian top speed track known as Nardo at a breathtaking 331.78 km/h. That, my friends, makes it the fastest BMW on record. That's 206.158 mph, in case you, like most of us, can't do the conversion in your head. The test was run by Continental AG and AutoBild magazine.