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One of them wins, but only by a whisker.

Only 6,700 cheetahs remain in the wild.

The head of the World Wildlife Fund has come out publicly in favor of the electrification of the world's transportation system. James Leape, director general of WWF International, has declared that cars need to get smaller, lighter and far more efficient. Leape also said that cars should be migrating to electric drive because it is more efficient than internal combustion engines. As an organization that supports preserving animal species, the WWF has a vested interest in helping to mitigate phen

Nissan North America is teaming up with the World Wildlife Fund for the second year of the Nissan-WWF Environmental Leadership Program for college students. Each of the sixteen students will get a $5,000 prize and get to attend a summit in Washington and Nashville in June and then go on a research trip to Brazil. The students will participate in various volunteer activities to help them learn about environmental stewardship.