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Saudi woman who fought for right to drive prepares for her next battle

"You can not empower women to become anything in your country if she still needs a man's permission"

"You can not empower women to become anything in your country if she still needs a man's permission"

Saudi Arabian women use bumper cars to practice driving

The Washington Post published a story this week about the one place Saudi women can get behind the wheel – an amusement park.

Two women jailed after breaking Saudi Arabian female driver ban

Saudi Arabia the only country in the world to ban female drivers

Two women who were detained at the border of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia had their detentions extended by at least 25 more days Sunday for the crime of "driving while female."

Saudi Women Get Behind The Wheel To Protest Driving Ban

Only one woman ticketed during protest

More than 60 women across Saudi Arabia claimed they drove cars Saturday in defiance of a ban keeping them from getting behind the wheel, facing little protest by police in their push for easing restrictions on women in the kingdom.

Saudi cleric under fire after saying women risk hurting ovaries if they drive

In Saudi Arabia, where only men can earn a driver's license, a conservative cleric is drawing criticism for saying that women risk damaging their ovaries and bearing children with clinical problems if they drive, The Guardian reports.

Mini blows up over women applying makeup in cars

Distracted driving is a very real problem. From drivers with phones dangling from their ears to those constantly adjusting the stereo or dealing with rowdy children in the back seat, anything that diverts attention away from the act of driving is a potential danger. And yes, that would indeed include applying makeup while driving.

More Women Have Driver's Licenses Than Men In U.S.

Changing demographics will have big implications, according to experts

WASHINGTON - Women have passed men on the nation's roads. More women than men now have driver's licenses, a reversal of a longtime gender gap behind the wheel that transportation researchers say is likely to have safety and economic implications.

More women lie on car insurance applications than men

There is a debate that's been raging for decades now, and it revolves around the extremely exciting world of car insurance. The discussion is centered on the topic of gender, and its relationship to insurance premiums. It seems that men, on average, have higher premiums compared to the ones carried by women. In an odd twist, however, a survey was recently conducted that found women are the ones fibbing a bit more often when applying for those premiums.

Five Saudi women in custody for breaking driving ban

The Saudi authorities have stepped in to temper the momentum of Saudi Women for Driving. It is against religious law for women to drive in the Arabian country, a fact of life that Saudi women have now decided to fight. The campaign began earlier this year, headed by Manal al-Sharif, with a video she produced and her taking to the streets behind the wheel of a car, then with a plea to Subaru to stop selling cars in The Kingdom. In early June, 40 Saudi women drove en masse, in an escalation of the

GMAC Insurance test suggests one-in-five drivers would fail driver's test

Our roadways are filled with crappy drivers. It's an unfortunate fact that we take our lives into our hands every time we strap on a seatbelt and head out on the open road. But at least we all have passed the most basic test of driving skill, right?