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Winding Road picks their 12 favorite autos, including... the Dodge Sprinter?!

When Winding Road picked their 12 favorite cars of 2008, they went out of their way to diversify. Their "Dynamic Dozen" includes vehicles as inexpensive as the $14,000 Honda Fit up to the $114,000 Audi R8, with everything from the Ford Mustang to the Porsche Cayman/Boxster in between. There are some gaping omissions like the Nissan GT-R and perhaps the Pontiac G8 GT, but Winding Road's criteria stipulated that th

VIDEO: Winding Road drives the Audi R8 TDI LeMans

Audi's R8 TDI LeMans concept is a powerful, exotic, and diesel-fueled supercar. Given its one-off nature, few have experienced it firsthand. Last month we told you about Autoweek and Fourtitude's time behind the wheel, as they drove the concept at an Audi drive event. The 500 hp V12 diesel was crippled by its modified A4 transmission and Audi's imposed 50 mph max speed, but the smooth po

Corvette speculation at Winding Road, contest to spend time with 'Vette designers

The new issue of Winding Road has hit the 'net and they've assembled a panel of experts to speculate on the future of the Corvette. Some of the discussion centers on the C7, while a sizeable portion of the article focuses on a mid-engine variant of the iconic coupe – including the rendering above.

GM designer sketches "future" Chaparral

Yesterday we showed you videos of the continuation 2E Chaparrals being built and raced by James Musser and the gang. The Chaparral racecars were so groundbreaking and awe-inspiring that a whole slew of automotive designers and engineers were drawn to the field after laying eyes on them for the first time.

Pop quiz, hot shot: 24 hours with a Lambo LP640 roadster. What would you do?

A former Autoblogger is in need of your help. Chris Paukert, current online editor for Winding Road, former Autoblog editor and, at least next week, official lucky bastard, had a visit from his boss who promised him the keys to a Lamborghini LP640 roadster for a day. Paukert has a gas card, the company credit cards, and 24 hours to shoot the shoot the car for

Lutz definitely up for a Solstice Coupe

The gents at Winding Road (you remember those guys, right?) got up close and personal with Bob Lutz at a recent media event and asked him directly about whether or not a coupe version of the Pontiac Solstice was still in the works. The answer Lutz gave was guarded, but it clearly indicates a coupe was part of the plan all along and that, at least Lutz, still wants to build one that looks

VetteGate: Spy photographers respond to fake Blue Devil pics

No doubt by now you've heard about VetteGate, our name for the prank pulled by online buff book Winding

New MINI pricing leaked!

The man from our favorite kind of road received the new MINI's pricing from a Deep Throat within the automaker. The pricing is printed below, but the short-and-sweet version is simple: a $700 increase on the Cooper and a $400 increase on 'S' models. That's not entirely out of line, considering the upgraded interior and extra performance of the new model.

eBay Find of the Day - Winding Road: eBay Motors Edition

In our eternal quest for odd and exciting auctions on eBay Motors, we were surprised to find a new link on the homepage that led us to a special version of Winding Road called the eBay Motors Edition. We're always curious as to what those digital publishers are up to, so we downloaded a free copy (all issues of Winding Road are free to download, for

GM and BMW's public relations battle over hydrogen car news

Winding Road, which got the scoop on the hydrogen-powered GM Chevy Sequel earlier this week, has a great follow-up post on the media battle between GM and BMW, which also announced big hydrogen car news this week. Winding Road took snapshots of various Yahoo news sites throughout the week and compared them to the headlines provided in the press releases from GM and BMW. While GM got out of the gate first with news of the Sequel, the company didn't hype the hydrogen angle enough (they instead cal

Ford GT vs GT500 mural adorns cover of Winding Road

Credit goes to the folks at Winding Road for really stepping it up a notch lately. Their latest issue features a cover designed by Ford GT designer, Camilo Pardo, who painted it on the bare wall of a building at Ford. He even added Le Mans racing stripes to the GT500 convertible, which, for those who don't know, isn't actually available on the convertible. We love the new dual-page spread covers, and Winding Road is finding some very creative ways to use the extra space. Remember the Audi

Le Mans goes Lego on cover of Winding Road

Online auto mag Winding Road has always been an interesting read, but one area in which the digital rag's been lacking is graphic design, particularly when it comes to covers. The most recent issue eclipses all others by foregoing the expense of more talented graphic designers and putting the mag's face in the hands of Todd Osborn, an Ypsilanti, Michigan resident and apparent Lego god.

Spy Shots: Mercedez-Benz CL Coupe

Caught with nary a strip of duct tape to cover its new body (some pieces were actually digitally removed), the next Mercedez-Benz CL Coupe is seen here being driven around by the company's engineers. We can see the new CL coupe is less wide and flat than the current model and gains some of its proportions from the CLS coupe/sedan. The nose is traditional MB fare with a giant three-pointed star front and center flanked by more traditionally shaped headlights (no doubt housing enough lumens to lig