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If you'd like to know just how a fan the size of the one in the image above (yes, those are humans walking under it) helps move wind around a giant rectangle at the GM Aero Lab, Frank Meinert is the guy you want to listen to. You can do so here:

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/Front_and_side_spy_shot_of_new_Chevy_Volt_plus_video'; After browsing through some of your comments on the post we did about the latest GM Volt developments, we came across a link to a very interesting video thats causing a stir right now. Filmed and narrated Jeff Gilbert, a radio reporter for Detroit's WWJ (950 on your AM dial), it a offers a rare glimpse behind the curtain into the electric lab and wind tunnel at the GM Technical Center. In addition to a

At the General Motors Technical Center on Monday, the company provided another in a series of updates on development of the Chevrolet Volt as it approaches a production launch in late 2010. This time around the subject was aerodynamics and styling, both inside and out.