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Chrysler may be slow to the party in introducing production hybrids and electric vehicles, but that doesn't mean they haven't been working on cleaner energy. The company has been cooperating with university researchers on growing biofuel feed stocks on brownfield sites, for example. They have also been growing potential biofuel crops at their Chelsea, MI proving ground as an alternative to grass. The company's latest effort is a wind power project, also at the Chelsea track.

A company in Canada, Hybridine Power Systems, has created a new solar- and wind-powered streetlight. I actually think that this idea has some merit. I can't see the need for lights like this in urban settings where the grid stretches everywhere and everything is already wired, but for rural settings and side streets this could be a good idea. When I saw this, I started thinking about the possibilities of solar and wind powered stoplights. Then, my mind wandered to those horrible red-light photo