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Later today, we'll be taking a look at whether Willie Nelson is slightly misleading people with his biodiesel promotion tactics. But for now, let's just talk about how the Red Headed Stranger will bring the word to the Hard Rock Cafe NYC in the near future.

The best musician friend biodiesel ever had, Willie Nelson, is scheduled to roll up to the SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel plant in Salem, Oregon in a few hours for a celebration of that plant's second anniversary and the ground-breaking for an expansion.

Forbes is digging deep into Earth Biofuels, the company that brought BioWillie to the market. According to a story in the latest issue, Earth missed a deadline for finding $80 million in financing to restart an ethanol plant. Based on financial reports, the company had just under $42,000 in cash last September. But that's not all that concerns Forbes. CEO Dennis G. McLaughlin III apparently hasn't been disclosing his "colorful background" that includes lawsuits and a company bankruptcy. Forbes a