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Toyota to replace heroic nurse's fire-scorched Tundra pickup

He drove it through the Paradise wildfire to evacuate hospital patients

He used it to evacuate patients in California wildfires.

Man drives down a flaming mountainside to flee wildfires

Two Tennesseans are lucky to be alive today after a harrowing drive down the side of a burning mountain earlier this week.

​Canadian Mounties form massive convoy of fire-fleeing cars

It’s a blood-crazed gang of guzzoline seekers away from a Mad Max plot.

Man films hellish escape through Canadian wildfire

The entire population of Fort McMurray is fleeing an out-of-control wildfire that is currently threatening the Canadian town located in Northern Alberta.

News crew rescues man from Oklahoma wildfires

A television news crew in Oklahoma unexpectedly became part of the story when they rescued a road worker from the encroaching flames of a wildfire.

Family films terrifying trip through wildfire

A family from The Netherlands on a trip to California made one wrong turn and found themselves driving through a huge forest fire last week.

Harrowing drive through wildfire captured on video

A YouTube user known as mulletFive filmed his hellish drive through the Valley Fire wildfire northwest of Sacramento this weekend.

Hub Caps, Chains, And Exhaust Pipes Can Start Wildfires

Fire officials launching campaign to educate drivers after a car started a fire in California

Fire officials say that hub caps, chains and even exhaust pipes can spark wildfires. A new campaign to prevent wildfires called "One Less Spark, One Less Fire" urges people to remember that even the smallest spark can cause the largest fire.

Intrepid farmer plows fire line in hay field

Colorado is in the grips of its nearly annual summer wildfires. The fast-moving fires are fed by dry conditions and high winds, and have resulted in desperate attempts on the part of some residents to save their homes and livelihoods.

Pikes Peak Hill Climb rescheduled for August 12

The organizers behind the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb have rescheduled the race event for August 12 in the wake of extensive wildfires in the Colorado Springs area. The competition's 90th annual event was initially slated to take place on July 8, but the massive Waldo Canyon fire forced a postponement due to safety concerns. Organizers say the full week's worth events will remain on the schedule, including the Fan Fest in downtown Colorado Springs. Despite the shift on the calendar, 21 o

Pikes Peak Hill Climb facing cancellation over Colorado wildfires?

The 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is in danger of being postponed or cancelled altogether as wildfires close in on Colorado Springs. The Waldo Canyon fire, which began several days ago and is ravaging the mountains just west of the city, has already burned more than 15,000 acres and is only five percent contained. Unusually hot weather, a lack of rain and persistent winds have made the blaze difficult to control, and more more than 32,000 residents have been ordered to

Burned-out Hummer limo spotted during wildfires in California

Cause or effect? While driving home from Supercar Sunday at VCR, we spotted this burned out Hummer H2 limo on the side of the road near the heart of the wildfires in Southern California.

Ford aids California wildfire recovery effort (GM, Toyota, Honda and Chrysler too)

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/world_news/Ford_and_GM_pitch_in_to_recovery_efforts_in_SoCal'; Ford maintains a large operation in Irvine, California, which happens to be an area greatly affected by the recent Southern California wildfires. While Ford's facilities are out of danger, many Southern Californians have lost their homes and are in need of assistance. Ford has sprung into action with a relief effort, much like automakers did immediately following the disaster that was Hurricane Katr