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Obviously, we spend a lot of time trawling the Internet looking for interesting automotive news. When we find it, we're often curious to get a little more backstory. Sometimes we need some of the big players identified, due to our own lack of familiarity with what's going on in the larger world of pop culture that has nothing to do with cars. For that task, we occasionally rely on Wikipedia to help us dig up additional sources – probably just the same as you do.

Mercedes-Benz, which supplies the engines to the McLaren team where British rookie Lewis Hamilton and Spanish champion Fernando Alonso have been battling it out on and off the track all season, is hunting down one of its employees in Spain. The as-yet unidentified employee, evidently an Alonso fan, logged on the Wikipedia and posted some less-than-flattering remarks about Hamilton, who enters the final round of the 2007 F1 season with a commanding lead over his rivals.