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Will American farmers continue get Federal help to grow biodiesel feedstock? Under the current compromise in the Farm Bill that's going through a reauthorization, the answer to that question is yes. But the White House is apparently going to veto the biodiesel provisions that allow farmers who make up to $2.5m a year still qualify for crop subsidies. Rumor is that an official verdict might be coming out today sometime.

U-turn. Waking up. Flip flop. Call it what you want (the Washington Times, headed by the very strange Sun Myung Moon, called it "changing course"), but the White House might be getting ready to call on Congress to pass a bill that deals with global warming. According to the Mooney Times (the only paper that seems to have talked to anyone - every other source online just references the Times article), White House officials are fearing a "regulatory nightmare" - thanks to those lawsuits over the E

Two days ago, we told you President Bush said he was unaware some analysts were predicting $4 for a gallon of gas in the U.S.. The day before Bush made those remarks, White House press secretary Dana Perino was actually asked about gas prices and she said "we're mindful of it." Yesterday, when asked if Bush was "joking around" when he said he did not know their was talk of $4 gas, the White House said that "the President's point was that neither his advisors nor Energy Department analysts are at

The Congress finally passed the energy bill today, which includes a 35 miles per gallon CAFE standard and the White House says Bush will sign it Wednesday. Even though Bush threatened to veto the bill several times and he still thinks the CAFE standard could have gone "farther and faster," he's on board now. Go figure. Anyway, here is exactly what press secretary Dana Perino said: