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With three episodes under its belt, BMW has released the final installment of Wherever You Want To Go, and "How We'll Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Future" ties everything together, while asking a handful of important questions.

The third installment of BMW's Wherever You Want to Go webumentary has landed and "Reinventing Mobility" is easily the most intriguing segment yet. Combing interviews with the usual suspects from the last two films, part three discusses the connected systems set to take hold in the future, the next two internet revolutions and where traditional vehicles – particularly the performance cars we all know and love – fit into the mix. Rather than blather on, check out the video below and l

BMW's second installment of Wherever You Want To Go opens up with a question we've all asked: Why are there still no flying cars? But rather than tackle the safety, mechanical and infrastructure questions, BMW takes a bird's eye view of how transportation technology has – and hasn't – evolved since the Wright Brothers' first flight. While the six-minute short tackles a range of topics, there's far less meat than one would hope. Thankfully, futurist and conceptual designer Syd Mead (h