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Andersens adding cheaper wheat to corn biomass in its ethanol

Andersons, one of the U.S.' major players on the ethanol production scene, has started mixing cheaper soft red winter wheat into its corn-based biofuel. This move, according to Andersons, will drive down costs and lessen demand for corn. Andersons says the soft red winter wheat harvest is peaking, so the stuff is available in mass quantities. It's estimated that Andersons is currently mixing ten percent wheat in with corn.

Wheat being touted in western Canada for ethanol

While the United States and the eastern half of our friendly neighbors up north are using corn as the primary feedstock for ethanol and Brazil has been concentrating on sugar cane, the left-half of Canada is considering wheat. The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association hopes that the creation of fuel from wheat will help Canada's wheat far