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And you thought there was only one movie about electric cars hitting the cineplex and DVD racks soon. While we just got to see the first trailer for The Revenge of the Electric Car, a movie called What is the Electric Car? will have its Hollywood premiere tonight (it was already shown in other cities, including Miami) at the Egyptian theater. On hand will be a handful of electric vehicles and the producers will be giving away an EV after the screening (we're not sure which one, and it appears th

In 2006, the unforgettable documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" brought battery-powered vehicles into the spotlight. The flick took shots at General Motors and Big Oil, blaming both for the demise of the electric vehicle (EV), but it was, and still is, one of the only films to focus on EVs. The sequel, "Revenge of the Electric Car," is sure to be an influential piece as well. But another documentary, one that's not associated with either of the aforementioned films, is coming out before th